What you will learn:

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Rave Review:

"I have received so much valuable information that has increased my exposure and credibility with my business and starting my speaking professional career. Galit Ventura Rozen truly cares and will tell you want you need.  Do not pass up the opportunity to move your goals and vision forward with the tools and expertise Galit has to offer. Galit is the real deal!!!"

- Barbara Beckley

Imagine This:

  • Learning the secrets to selling from the stage with grace and ease
  • Having your ideal client reach out to connect with you, instead of you having to chase them
  • Turning an audience of spectators into clients who love you
  • Walking out of your workshops with applications to work with you
  • Knowing how to CLOSE your ideal client once they express interest


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The Successful Woman’s Mindset Academy

7 Modules over 14 weeks (Register for the entire series or the topics that you are drawn to)

LIVE SESSIONS ONLINE (to include PowerPoint and Galit)

Week #1 - She Knows Her Why

  • We will focus on knowing what motivates you so you can motivate yourself to succeed
  • What drives you to overcome obstacles and fears? What pushes you. How to figure out all of these and more.

Week #2 - She Turns Fear into Determination

  • We will dive deep into what your fears are? What is stopping you from the success you want in your life and business/career? What actions do you need to take now? We will cover in great detail how to turn those fears into determination to push you to accomplish your goals and success.

Week #3 - She Embraces Her Value, She Believes She Can

  • We will cover how to embrace your value, know your worth in what you give others and in monetary value.
  • We will look at believing in yourself, if you do, great I will show you how to use that belief to accomplish success.
  • If you do not I will show you how to believe in yourself the way you Must to be successful.

Week #4 - She is a Work in Progress, She Uses Her Past Successes to Overcome Future Obstacles

  • We will cover how to accept where you are today and focus on where you want to go.
  • We will look at your successes from the past in your life and work and show you how to turn those successes into more successes to accomplish the goals you desire today
  • We will go over in great detail the formula for success and how you have what you need inside you to succeed and how to use it to your advantage

Week #5 - She Levels Her Water

  • Balance = Success
  • WE will look at your business/career and life to see where you feel there is not balance
  • WE will go over in great detail what balance looks like for you and why it is so important to your success
  • We will cover financial, health, business/career, relationships and self-care in great detail

Week #6 - She is Visible

  • To find success in your business you must be visible
  • We will cover what visibility means
  • Branding, image, packaging
  • How to build your visibility, brand and credibility
  • Bio, Social Media, Print, Online, Press Releases, Media package, and more
  • You must be seen to be known

Week #7 - She Activates Her Power

  • We will cover how to define your power, what is your area of expertise?
  • When have you felt the most powerful? How you can create and add more of these experiences to your life and business/career.
  • What makes you feel disempowered
  • We will look at the steps to active your power. The 4 quadrants of Power.

Costs $197 for one Course or $1197 for all 7.

Meet Your Host Galit Ventura-Rozen:


Galit is an award winning professional speaker, published writer in multiple publications, appears on television regularly, is President of women of global Change and involved in multiple leadership organizations and philanthropic organizations.

Her most recent awards include:  TMG Entertainment Best Local Motivational Speaker/Coach, MyVegas magazine Top 100 Women of Influence, 3 time honoree for The Women of Distinction Awards by the National Association of Women Business Owners and Nevada Woman’s Chamber of Commerce Athena Award Hall of Fame Inductee for Leadership.

A business Performance expert, professional speaker, influencer and philanthropist, Galit has spoken on over 20 stages in the last 12 months. Galit has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has successfully run multiple businesses as well as been a consultant for other business owners.

Galit graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 1995 and in 2016 she graduated with Honors from Northcentral University having obtained her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She combines her unique skills to deliver business mentoring, speaking engagements and interactive workshops to show entrepreneurs and businesses how to accomplish their goals and desires, break through fear, effect lasting change, employ motivated teams, increase revenue, and build lucrative Passion businesses from the ground up.