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I AM READY!$249 Early Bird Rate

An expert in turning your passion into a successful business, Galit has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has successfully run multiple businesses as well as been a consultant for other business owners.

Galit graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 1995 and in 2016 she graduated with Honors from Northcentral University having obtained her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She combines her unique skills to deliver business mentoring, speaking engagements and interactive workshops to help women accomplish their goals and desires, break through fear, effect lasting change, employ motivated teams, increase revenue, and build lucrative Passion businesses from the ground up.


Success Stories

Ladies you need to sign up for Galit Ventura Rozen mindset programs. I have received some much valuable information that has increased my exposure and credibility with my business and starting my speaking professional career. Galit Ventura Rozen truly cares and will tell you want you need. Do not pass up the opportunity to move your goals and vision forward with the tools and expertise Galit has to offer. Galit is the real deal!!!

- Barbara Beckley

It was 1 year ago I met with Galit to enlist her services. I own and operate 3 companies with my husband. We have experienced some pretty difficult life and staff circumstances that, naturally, bled into our company progress, ultimately adversely affecting our vision and future. I am so thankful that Galit saw what we needed and helped us make the appropriate changes along the way.

It’s impressive how she maintains such professionalism and keeps her services concentrated on what I want. I needed someone to keep me focused, grounded and making progress, all while sorting through the junk in front of me. Someone who could show me how to step back and think outside of the box, even better than what I do naturally.

I told her my goals, explained all about us and what we do, our challenges with staff as well as our personal items. Galit was able to pinpoint exactly what we needed - and in a way that allowed me to keep control of the outcome. She presented options, the variables that were often right there all along, helped me to dissect effectively and take an 18-24 month goal set and make it happen efficiently. I am so proud to say - we did this so well, we have already met our goals, and then some. She provided access to people I would’ve never thought of, is results oriented, maintained the focus, gave me a level of structure - I was able to have her shoulder things and trust her because she shows me over and over again of her abilities. I can’t say enough great things of why her services are a need - not just a want. I am certain, having Galit in the forefront of what we are doing made the difference in strategy, confidence and execution.

- Elizabeth Grace , Entrepreneur

Ladies! Are you committed to your success in your business and career? Do you want to overcome fears and crappy feelings like your not worthy or undeserving? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to let that shit go with the support and coaching from an amazing woman Galit Ventura Rozen!! I’m so grateful I enrolled in her course and have seen amazing results in my business and sense of self. I highly recommend doing this course, especially if you are feeling unsure of yourself in your business.

- Devon Post , Branding Expert